Hey guys. I have a lot on my mind and I just want to blab it all out. Well my exams ended and i’m so happy but I’ve nothing to look forward to except my friends. I am moving away and it makes it even harder for me to cope. I feel like I found friends who finally accept me for who I am. But now that I’m moving I’m feeling so lonely. Only when I am chatting with my friends i feel happy which I have never felt. When they said they were gonna do everything in their power to make me stay it just made me feel more lonely. Its friends like this who truly make you happy and now that I am losing them it hurts me. I am friends with a lot of people but these friends are like sibling. They’ll laugh at you and make fun of you but at the end of the day they make you happy. At least I should be thankful that I’ve experienced this kind of friendship once in my.

In the end I just want to thank them and also want to thank K-POP for making our bonds stronger. I hope you enjoyed this.


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