The March for Our Lives: My Thoughts

The March for Our Lives is a nation-wide demonstration entirely led by children, especially those who were effected by the shooting in Stoneman Douglas High School. The people who took part in this movement are in full support of gun control and demand ban on sale of High Capacity Magazines in the United States.

Now that you are aware of the situation(I’m sure you probably are) I will be writing about my views on this. Before you read this, I just hope you or your opinions don’t get hurt as I am just giving my personal thoughts on this. I know I’m just a kid but I do hope you read this thoroughly because everyone’s opinion count right. This movement is a very inspirational and is motivating kids to stand up and fight for what they believe is just. The speeches given by these fighters is awe-inspiring and shows us what they went through, their struggles and their pain. I for one wouldn’t bare able to see my friends get a small cut, but these kids have seen their friends, their teachers, just laying there without any breath and because of that these kids have the will power to fight for what their friends couldn’t.

Although, I feel that this movement doesn’t have a strong base. I feel some people are doing this just because it’s what you call “TRENDING”.  I know that there are people who are actually trying their hardest to fight but I feel that there are some people who just make mockery. I also feel that they are turning it into a campaign for elections. The main goal for this movement is gun control but now they are talking about how they will elect better politicians next time and not concentrating on the movement. I know that the politicians have a key role to play in this but these kids should fight against these politicians and not look forward to ‘HOPEFULLY’ elect better politicians. What I’m trying to say here is that they should look at the NOW first and the THEN later.

 Ending this, I just want to say that I am in full support of this and I just hope that we can see a better future for us tomorrow.


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